Aquaman and Namor: Who do we hate more?

Throughout numerous media both Aquaman and Namor has been the butt end of many ridiculous jokes. From lack of impressive powers to stereotypical hate from initial release both characters receive constant negative criticism for their ineffectiveness in any series.  There are examples where this stereotypical hate is unjust however it’s a blanket effect on their franchise name, no matter how the amount of effort put in to portray in a better light. This is true for both aquatic superheroes of both DC and Marvel.

Aquaman           Namor

Aquaman was created in 1941. Arthur Curry, a son of lighthouse keeper and the Queen of Atlantis, has since become one of the consistent weak links of the Justice league.  His powers consists of swimming underwater at ridiculous speeds, super human strength, ability to breathe underwater for an unspecified amount of time and ability to communicate with marine animals.  Part of people’s dislike for Aquaman is because of his personality traits and his weak storylines made by DC. Another reason, his costume is the source of numerous jokes and the sheer ridiculousness of scales on the body.

Aquaman 2012

Namor was created in 1939.  A son of a human sea captain and the princess of Atlantis, has since become part of the X-men. His powers consist of swimming underwater and incredible speeds, super human strengths, ability to breathe underwater for an unspecified amount of time and limited ability to communicate with marine animals, and flight.


Looking at the characters do you see a trend?  I have a feeling the hate for Namor stems from the utter ridicule generated from Aquaman.  Can anyone else see the blatant rip-off DC created with the name Aquaman? Both have almost the exact identical abilities and identities, however if you notice DC tried to one-up Marvel in family lineage (son of a queen vs. son of a princess), and ability to communicate with animals (Aquaman can control and communicate with marine animals inherently whereas Namor has limited ability and relies on an item for such ability).  Since both creations, Aquaman has been constantly powered up with each new appearance in continuities; Namor on the other hand has stayed the same since his creation back in 1939.

This barefaced copying could be where the hate for Aquaman started but throughout the years both parties have suffered. Other sources of detest (for Aquaman) could be the over use of additional cast in any of his series, another hero always shows up. For example Aquaman always needs to call in help from the justice league or any other superhero since he can’t handle the mission alone. Namor seems to always want to just do the mission and get on the next one. However, there are instances where Aquaman doesn’t require assistance from other heroes but this is from more recent issues and stories, hence the constant power ups Aquaman has received over the years.

Although DC throughout the years tried to make Aquaman less prone to ridicule, it will always be there. Pop culture has nonetheless made Aquaman the laughing stock of superheroes and that ridicule has spread to Namor also.  In fact if you go on Youtube and search “Namor” the first hit has to do with Aquaman.  In closing, I leave you with these pop culture references of Aquaman and you be the judge of how widespread the hate has bestowed on DC’s version of the royal Atlantean.

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4 Responses to Aquaman and Namor: Who do we hate more?

  1. mrubling says:

    So many have heard of Aquaman but I just don’t think he’s been developed enough (a lot of writers just did not know what to do with Aquaman’s storyline). Geoff Johns’s Aquaman series (2011) shows a different Aquaman as the comic delves into his background story, creatures at the bottom of the vast ocean and the illustrations are amazing ( Definitely worth looking at, even for those who don’t like Aquaman.

  2. brianma13 says:

    The business of media is the business of ‘rip offs’, ‘reboots’, etc. and there is nothing wrong with that. Ideas and concepts need to start somewhere by someone. If that someone cannot improve the character further, than someone else needs to step up to make it so. This does not mean one thing is better or more deserving than another, it all depends on how society responds to it. Aquaman definitely has had a lot of treatment to improve the character within the last decade. These changes has had mixed response (negative for the most part), until the most recent incarnation by Geoff John’s New 52 version. These changes have made the character ‘better’ and more ‘likable’. If what you say is empirically true (the hate of Aquaman has translated to the hate for Namor) than why is the reverse not true? Is Namor getting more attention now that Aquaman is on the rise? I don’t think so.

    You have only analyzed the surface of the characters. As you said both of them have different personalities which complement the world in which they are situated. Both characters also have diverse backgrounds that need to be considered (one is king of Atlantis and the other is an X-men). Futhermore, like you said, DC has actively worked on the character, attempting to improve the character so that it reaches the audience in a different light. If Namor is being mistreated in the same way, why isn’t Marvel actively trying to improve the character?

    ‘Rip offs’ happen all the time; however, whether or not one becomes successful or not does not necessarily dictate the fates of their counter parts. Examples are Batman and Green Arrow, the Green Lantern Corps and the Marvel Nova Corps, Thanos and Darkseid, and so on. None of these mirror images (‘Rip offs’ as you would call them) have been successful or ridiculed because of the others media turn out. The comparisons are there, yet they stand alone and so should reach their pinnacles as independent sources. If your belief that Namor is getting unfair treatment because of Aquaman, then Marvel needs to step up to change the character. Aquaman, Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Green Lantern have all had their retrofits to adjust to an era of modern readers. Therefore, if marvel actually cherishes the Namor character, they will have to think of some changes. At least DC is doing something about Aquaman, and so far (in the New 52 line up) it is working. What is Marvels response?

  3. nadim says:

    i disagree i mean yea maybe some characters started out as a rip off like dead pool but they eventually come out to be their own unique character. Aquaman and Namor havent really changed in the personality and motive department.

  4. Ty Challand says:

    I also have to disagree at some of the points you made. Namor is also the King of Atlantis for one. Also Namor has become a darker character and has been involved in the Dark X-Men story arc as a main player. I think it’s hard to say that Marvel has to be the ones that have to change. So far they haven’t needed to, their character works.

    One of the big things I wanted to say is that DC sued Marvel over a Superman copy. Yet isn’t Dc doing the exact same thing? I don’t want to start the DC and Marvel feud, just think its a valid point.

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