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comic book collection

In class we had an extensive discussion about the organization and accumulation of a collection of comic books. We also discussed on how a person may organize the collection either by author, artist, time-period or favorite characters. One thing that we did not really discuss further is the purpose or reason why we collect comics. What I wanted to know is what are the types of comics or graphic novels that you find appealing? collectors all have their own desire and reason to collect a certain comic but what is it about the comic book that makes you want to collect them. Is it the designs and artistic work or authors, genres?

When I buy a comic book I tend to gear towards the storyline, the idea of wanting to find out more, and finding out what happens next drives me to collect a comic or television series, the artwork I find is just as important as well. Just how a person may collect fine art, I like to collect comics that look appealing. The narrative and illustrative skills need to balance as well and it needs to look good for me to be interested. If it has these qualities I would consider purchasing them. Having the self-satisfaction in collecting not just one but all of them gives me a personal reminder of the feeling like I have accomplished something. Just how people collect stamps, dolls etc the whole aspect of finding, organizing and acquiring your own collection is fulfilling and part of the fun of collecting comics. Some people invest so much in comic books and graphic novels there is even a term for people who collect comic books thanks to Wikipedia“Pannapictagraphists”,  As well as conventions dedicated to the collectors and fans of comic books.


When collecting comic books does it symbolize or remind you of anything, does it make you proud, give you bragging rights, does it make you happy or do you collect them simply for value. What is it about comic books that make you want to collect them and what type of comics or graphic novels do you collect?

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  1. jamesohoulihan says:

    For me the perfect collectible is the one that is a culmination of various interests. For example for what ever reason I have always been very interested in Muhammad Ali. There is something about his image as well as his ‘hero’ story that just attracts me. I have also always been interested in comic books. Superman is not my favorite superhero but I have always appreciated him as a symbol. SO when I learned there was a oversized comic book released in the 70s titled Superman vs Muhammad Ali I was blown away that something that addresses 2 of my interests so perfectly existed. $50 later I was the happiest kid in the world

    Devon Kiddell

  2. jsexner says:

    Great post,

    There are so many reasons why people are attracted to the items they collect, and I believe it has to do with a sense of accomplishing a particular goal. I believe achieving certain goals fulfill voids in our lives, and collecting items is an easy way to feel like we have achieved something.

    I myself am interested in collecting things that bring me back to my childhood. For example, I collect old Ninja Turtle DVD’s or Superhero graphic t-shirts. I feel like it provides a sense of nostalgia, and it brings me back to a time where all that mattered was getting up on saturday mornings to watch the new cartoons of the week. By collecting these different items, I myself feel as though I am able to hold on to that little bit of a childhood that I have left.

    Jared Exner

  3. Harjot Ruble Sandhu says:

    I have only bought two comics in my life both from the spiderman genre. And I hate to admit it but they were primarily due to their atheistic qualities (they look great on my bookshelf). However I do read comics I’m interested in online and catch nostalgia moments from my favourite T.V series and shows by watching Youtube. I have only ever “collected” one thing in my life and that is cards from different card games. It’s been years since I’ve stopped “intentionally” collecting things. However when I buy things to go in my room, bookshelf, or desk I tend to gravitate to the visual aspect of things. I try to get something that can capture my imagination yet something I can relate to at the same time all in one glance. However I think collecting things is a very subjective process. People collect things for a variety of reasons. Another aspect is what is one’s definition for collecting? Does one collect comic books in general or a specific genre of comic books? Does one keep books for reference or collect them to complete a collection? For example I have a ton of Scientific American and National Geographic magazines that I’ve kept for reference but I don’t view myself as a collector of these items. The same can be said about in video games. Taking Skyrim for example in the game I keep numerous types of weapons and potions in a chest at my virtual house. Does this make me a virtual collector? All this is making my head spin!

  4. Dan Silver says:

    I do not collect comics, in fact prior to this class I had never purchased a comic book. However, when I was younger I used to collect hockey cards. I was and am a fan of the NHL but I collected them only in the hopes of having a valuable collection. Looking at them didn’t particularly interest me but I wanted to have rare cards. When I was older I realized that my cards had virtually no monetary value but I still have them because it reminds me of being a kid and hoping to find valuable rookie cards.

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