having superpowers does not make you a superhero….. but its doing super deeds that makes you a superhero

The ‘Superhero’ was created from the comic book. These Superheroes were directed at children, and it was these children who look up to and hope to become hero themself. A ‘Superhero’ is portrayed as somebody most likely having a superpower or ability. Superheroes fight crime, and become a symbol for justice. However can a person be a superhero without superpowers? In HBO’s Documentary Superheroes, it shows real life superheroes fighting against crime and helping civilians. These superheroes were influenced by various comic book superheroes, and a number of them looked up to Batman, as he as a character did not have superpowers.

To begin with all of the superheroes from the documentary (who revealed their past/reason why they chose to become a superhero) had unfortunate pasts. Some with bulling, and abuse, and it was because of this that they wanted the world to be free from this violence and hate. There were also some who used to be ‘the villain’ with dealing, gangs, drugs and alcohol, and realized that they didn’t want to be the villain anymore. The concept behind the ‘Superhero’ is what allowed these people to escape from their troubled lives and bring some goodness to the world. With the strong feelings of justice behind them, they take to the streets and fight crime with their costumes and Superhero names. In the documentary you see them stop a drunk driver, aid to a hit-and-run victim, attempt/stop drug dealings in parks etc. However, the critics that were given to these superheroes were phenomenal as they are inexperienced. Some carried weapons, and many did not know how to properly use them, and in turn hurt themselves in the process. This inexperience reflected poorly on their ‘superhero’ stature.

However when they are not ‘fighting crime’ they show a passion to helping the homeless. One in particular Zetman (and his team) helped the homeless but giving out care packages. And superhero Life is “letting the homeless know that somebody knows about them and that they are not forgotten”, as he brings hope to the homeless populous. A homeless women said “we all need superheroes in our lives, and its because of these people we can live and survive, they take care of us. Some people say Superheroes aren’t real, but they are here and we need them”. This quote really emphasizes that you do not need superpowers to be a superhero, because by doing good deeds, you can become someone’s superhero.

Here is the trailer for it, however keep in mind that the attitude here is more comical than serious, which is very different from the documentary itself (there was comical parts, but it was more interesting and somewhat uplifting)


(^sorry i have no idea how to make that an actual video here…. been trying for about 45 mins and gave up…)


(if you want to watch the full movie just google ‘watch superheroes hbo movie’ and it should pop up)

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  1. caitg says:

    This is awesome. I had a great time watching this documentary and I find that it brings about some interesting points, although I’ll admit that some of the people here seem a bit wacky at times. Still, you make a great point. Being a hero has nothing to do with your physical abilities, but the deeds you do. This is a great documentary.

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