Batman, the JLA just doesn’t need you

What’s the point of Batman in the Justice League of America? Yes he was a member of the original Justice League but he has lost most of his meaning for being a field member. Batman’s main attributes are his intelligence, his detective skills, his martial arts skills, his ninja skills and his unwavering commitment to his moral code. As far as his intelligence goes, though Batman is one of the smartest humans in the DC universe he isn’t the smartest. The smartest man on earth is Lex Luthor. Though batman is probably almost as smart as Lex, Lex isn’t as smart as Superman. Which is part of the reason Lex hates Superman. So Batman isn’t needed for his intelligence. As far as martial arts goes, yes he can hold his own against regular enemies and meta-humans to an extent. He can fight any lesser meta-human without much trouble but with the stronger meta-humans and against beings like Darkseid he stands no chance. With planning batman can take out most enemies with his gadgets, his intelligence and his skill but even that much wouldn’t be enough against characters with in the top tier of power in the DC universe. Batman is human and has human limitations so anyone who far exceeds the capabilities of a human would have no problem with Batman. Batman’s skills are, for the most part, exaggerated past the point of what he is logically able to be and passes challenges that he shouldn’t be able to [within the context of the DC universe]. Most of the other JLA members, like Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, are more fit to fight higher powered enemies. So Batman on the large scale isn’t really needed on the frontlines. As for his moral code, most if not all of the other characters have close to the same code and won’t kill. So the team doesn’t need him for that either. The only things that is needed for is his ninja skills and detective skills which aren’t needed for responding to giant crises. So other than Intel gathering and any added funding for the JLA Batman is simply isn’t needed.

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  1. jpullan says:

    I feel like you may be counting the Dark Knight out a little too soon here. Have you ever seen Justice League: Doom? well if you haven’t, here’s a little snapshot on what its all about. Loosely based on the Tower of Babel story arc, JLA: Doom centers around the theft of Batman’s contingency plans for if any of his JLA colleagues were to ever go rogue. That’s right, Batman has complex plans for how to kill each and every one of the Justice League members, just in the off chance that they become evil. And you know what? *SPOILER* They all damn near work! the only reason every other member of the Justice League isn’t killed by Batman’s own plans, is because Batman saves them all. What I’m trying to say, is Batman’s skills as a strategist should never be forgotten. While you’re right about his lack of super powers in fighting super enemies, given the right time to develop a strategy, Batman can defeat anyone.

    • daviselkin says:

      I actually have seen Justice League: Doom and yes he had plans that could deal with each member but he even says himself that the contingency plan for himself is the justice league, because on his own he wouldn’t be able beat them. There is one thing that a lot a people say that is extremely stupid “Batman can defeat anyone”, this is simply not true. Two examples of people he cannot beat are Superman and Doomsday. In canon Batman has never actually beat Superman. He has fended him off till Superman till he could regain control of himself from Poison Ivy, but if Superman wasn’t fighting off the mind control he would have killed Batman. As for Doomsday, he is the ultimate killing machine. He has no weakness for batman to exploit and he would have no problem ripping him apart. But my main point is that he’s not needed as a field agent. I honestly feel in that kind of setting Batman would be more useful as the team’s tactician. In a war you never send your best Tactician into the field.

      for the Batman vs. Superman argument:

  2. courtneycharnock says:

    I do not know much about the Justice League at all. But I do believe that Batman is highly overrated. And you know, I’m not really sure where this fandom comes from. I think it wouldn’t be naive to say that a big part of the fandom has been created or intensified by the Christopher Nolan films (the last of which didn’t make much sense at all). Maybe it’s the black leather. Maybe it’s the cool cars. Maybe it’s because he is extraordinarily wealthy, a ladies man or his troubled soul attitude–whatever it is, people love Batman. His fans think he is the most “bad ass” hero around! If anything, maybe he is a good addition to the Justice League team because he is human and we want to cheer for the underdog.

    –Courtney Charnock

  3. simonthompson says:

    I’m not nearly as familiar with the subject as the other commentators or OP but I would think that the Justice League needs a “bank” of some kind, right? Batman provides probably more resources than all of the other members combined. And if those contributions (funding, technological resources, and information) can’t be counted as “true” necessities for the Justice League couldn’t anyone make an argument towards any other single member being unnecessary?

    Additionally, he’s one of the most commonly associated characters with DC, so it seems natural for him to be in a super-group of DC super heroes. While he may be lacking in skills or uniqueness, isn’t he’s sort of necessary for the plot?

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