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The internet is everyone’s favourite way to waste time. With the billions of internet users, it is a rich pool of human insight. Popular sites like Reddit and Chive become a fountain for funny anecdotes, memes, images, interesting information and comics. These comics are crude and undeniably hilarious. They can address a multitude of issues, can be related or just plain gross you out. The point comes across better, in my opinion, as they are designed to be short and sweet that fits perfectly to those who are ‘scrolling’. They don’t contain a plot like conventional comics but are more like pictorial representation of short jokes. Our generation is described to have a short-attention span, and these comics truly depict that notion as they are never long and cut right to the chase. The internet is a perverse world of trolls, nerds and sarcasm and so these comics reflect that. Do they reflect the current generation’s sense of humour? As scary as that sounds, they just might. The wonderful thing about the internet is that anything can be published, thus ‘low’ or ‘high’ art is irrelevant (some of it isn’t even art!). Artists on the internet can be anyone, parody anyone and be as juvenile, crude or inappropriate without any regard for censorship. That opens up the prospect of image-text to whole other level and continually introduces new works that are vying for a little fame.

Comics have become an engaging way of expressing how someone feels on the Internet. There are comics about the effects of depression and suicides that are distributed around the internet. Each work has a higher chance of being seen by an increased number of people as the internet is accessible to everyone at all ages without any charge. The nature of the Internet is also to be private and relatively anonymous and that not only helps to create very stark works but also have them be read and shamelessly enjoyed. Thus, the idea of a comic is reinvented, as it becomes a part of the dialogue rather than just a past time. However, in the time of finals, I am going to share some light-hearted viral comics that remind us of what a weird but wonderful place the Internet can be.

-Sanjita Mitra

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  1. sebmazur says:

    Its tough to really tell if the humor of the Internet is what would be classified today’s generation’s humor. I often scroll through Reddit and 9gag looking for a quick laugh, and cannot deny the fact that today’s world loves the speed and minimal effort needed in just scrolling through information. The problem is that there truly are some disturbing and crude jokes that get brought up quite a bit, but does this really reflect the humor our generation appreciates in today’s world? Face to face, pretty much no one would joke about certain memes, or comics that appear online (just recent saw one making fun of the Boston Marathon bombings), but that’s the beauty of the internet, anyone can be whoever they want, and have no identity. The results can be hilarious, or extremely inappropriate jokes, but because certain humor you see online will almost never be supported in real life, I find it difficult to classify this generation’s humor strictly on what appears on the Internet.

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