Now, there has been numerous posts on the argument of classic works of literature turned into graphic novels and comic books, so following the trend I would like to give my two cents on it.

I believe that not only can it spark an interest in classic novels or plays that may have been overlooked, but it also suddenly puts the comic book genre into a more elite group. These amazing works of literature are presented to the public in a medium that has been shunned and ostracized from mainstream culture for a while now. While I can understand the point of view that looks upon this as a disrespect to the literature by transforming it into a watered down simplistic version of what it was meant to be, I believe that this can be used to inspire readers to expand their normal range of reading. I will admit that if I wasn’t in University right now I probably wouldn’t sit down on my free time and read Richard III. Although I can understand the importance and the knowledge that is gained from reading Shakespeare so I can also appreciate the idea of reading the bard on your own. If I happened to stumble across a graphic novel of Richard III in my local library though that would definitely spark my interest and after reading the graphic novel of it, in order to fully understand the story and gain more information the next logical step would be to then read the play itself.

This medium is just a way of getting important knowledge, information across to a wider range of people. Like science centers that try to get kids interested in physics by placing them in an environment that they can easily respond to and understand. While graphic novels of classic texts aren’t necessarily aimed at a younger audience, the same concept is there: introducing relatively new concepts to people in way that are comprehendible to them. Who knows, I might actually learn something flipping through Charles Darwin’s On the Species of Origin: A Graphic Adaptation..

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