“After Just Now”

Postmodernism seems to be a theory that many people are weary of. …And I am not quite sure why.

Let me begin with stating that the word modernism comes from the Latin word “modo,” which literally means “just now.” Therefore, postmodernism literally refers to “after just now.” The importance of this comes from the idea that historically, modernism has always been at odds with what came immediately before it.

Tying in with class discussions on the differences between modernism and postmodernism, I would argue that really, its just a matter of sequence. Because of this, it is possible that what is now considered postmodernist, will ultimately become apart of the societal and historical milieu.

Now seeing that this is a class on comics, the relevance of this post comes from the idea that postmodernism is a rejection of Meta narratives and the search of a “Capital T” Truth. So while, paintings and literature came before, and spoke of the times, it is time for comics to be given the chance to play with the cultural climate in its own way. If we are to take comics as one of the many icons of the postmodernist age, then we imbue in it certain qualities (That as a theory nut, I think are worth exploring). The postmodernist move from singularity to the understanding that meaning is never fixed is something that at one point, really rocked the boat. Moreover, all of the greatest ages of intellectual growth came from a stern rejection of past ways of thinking (think the enlightenment).  I think that because of  the way that comics borrow from multiple genres, and sample other stories, it is possible for ideas that were once thought to be contradictory can come to a head. Heck, my first trip to a real comic store left me flabbergasted at all the types of stories that can be told in this format.

So why don’t we all embrace postmodernism and all that comes with it?


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