Bone by Jeff Smith

For my blog I decided to do it on my favorite comic from my childhood, Bone by Jeff Smith. The story is about the three Bone cousins (Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone) who get chased out of their town and end up in a mysterious valley, where they end up as a target of rat creatures that are constantly after them. They befriend a girl named Thorn, and her grandmother, and at the same time they unravel the mysteries about themselves and the relation they have with the valley as well as the mysteries involving Thorn and her past.


I found the artwork beautiful, as it was clean, imaginative and colourful. (I read the later colour volumes, even though the originals were in black and white). The imagination put into the creation of the rat creatures, and all the other mystical creatures were awe-inspiring. It took you away from our world and into the world of the Bones. The story though was even better, it lures you in, and even though I said I read it as a child I still go back a read it every now and then. It’s a humorous fantasy adventure story for all ages, and there is a reason that Jeff Smith won many awards for it. There are mysteries that keep you guessing until they are finally revealed to you. Each of the different characters have their own perks, and it makes you love them all, even the antagonists (the two stupid rat creatures, that you learn to love). After researching, I came to find out that Jeff Smith, created the characters when he was a child at the age of five! His love for comics is what inspired him to make comics a job as well as a hobby. I highly recommend this comic if you’re looking for a comic to read and just enjoy yourself, as it still to this day one of my favorites.

-Kristyn Pattemore


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