Superman Vs. Batman

This battle has been talked about, drawn, written and argued almost since these two were in a comic together.The outcome, in every case, falls on whether or not Batman could bust out some kryptonite before Superman got his hands on him. I’ve had many arguments with people about who would win and now I’m going to explain it.

Batman is an extraordinary human being with many weaknesses. He is arguably the fastest, strongest and most tactically skilled person on the planet with every type of combat training he could get his hands on. He has the capital to create basically any gizmo he wants to aid him in his fight against crime. He is still just a man, despite all this. A single bullet or miscalculated maneuver in a fight could mean he is dead, simple as that. The precautions he takes are honorable but when he gets tired and he goes home at the end of the day, he’s just as vulnerable as you or I.

Superman is an alien superpower with one weakness (magic and Doomsday aside.) He IS the fastest and strongest person on the planet (though The Flash did beat him by a nose-length in their last race) and his speed allows his to think faster than any human could. Given the amount of power he possesses, money and worldly objects, even ones that help to fight crime, are beneath him. Other then a costume that won’t tear too easily, he doesn’t need help like that. His biggest concern in a battle is making sure no one else gets hurt because his own well-being is the least of his concerns, at least until the green rocks start showing up.

So, these two formidable opponents fight. If both these two are in the same room, thirty feet apart and someone says FIGHT! the battle would last anywhere from a half a second to two thirds of one. That’s how fast Superman would run over to him and flick him in the forehead. This is what I don’t understand, is how in any comic Batman would have had the time to pull his kryptonite out, which is how he had beaten Superman in their last match-up. Superman has trusted Batman with a kryptonite ring, telling him that if ever he were to become evil in some way that that would stop him. It all comes down to speed though. Unless Batman walked around with the ring on his finger, as Lex Luthor did for a while, then there is no way for him to pull the ring out in time from whatever lead compartment he has on his tool belt before Superman was on top of him.

At the end of the day, there simply is no competition between the two. Yes, Batman could trick Superman into a room or stalling him long enough to get a piece of kryptonite out but the only way he could do this was if he wanted to hurt Superman and Superman didn’t know about it. Any other argument past Batman being deceitful and tricking him is invalid.

And let’s face it. Superman doesn’t have a sidekick in tight yellow, green and red saving his ass every second issue.

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