The Hierarchy of Art Strikes Again!

We’ve all experienced the comic book to film conversion. It makes sense that cinema and comics go hand in hand when you consider their base components of images and words (or in film’s case sound). The action of Avengers comics, or the extravagant images of the Watchmen, seem as if they’ve been created specifically for the big screen. But what about the other way around? Over the past few years, more and more stories, whether they are novels or television originally, are getting converted into comic books. Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, Game of Thrones, and even CW’s Supernatural have gone through this screen to page conversion. For some reason, the immediate reaction to the comic-fying is that it is somehow a diminishment of the original work, while comics making it to film is a huge accomplishment. Ta da, we now come to the ever present hierarchy of art. Am I wrong in making the assumption that these comics are not successful? No, really, I’m actually wondering. Do any of you read these comic versions of other works? And do you feel the same about them? Is it really necessary?

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  1. nicolericher says:

    I am beyond mixed emotions, and have been, about this very dilemma for some time. I am IN LOVE with both the novel and tv series of Game of Thrones, yet when I picked up the comic.. I felt like the nature of the comic (nor the book for that matter) was not being appreciated – it was more about the art trying to accurately represent the tv show and its actors/actresses! I don’t know what I was expecting…
    However, on that note, the reverse of comic to film has been continuously disappointing me. They seem to have started out interesting enough (I’m sorry, I like Toby Mcguire’s Spiderman… why oh WHY did they need to do it again? I get a sickening feeling that each of these film franchises are going to follow the steps of Batman’s countless movie series… save us) however, as time goes on, it’s about taglines and seeing how big of a budget the film crew can blow whilst playing “Where’s Waldo” with Stan Lee. It’s not about the comic origins, it’s about summer movies.

    Summer movies…
    The Avengers made me fall asleep
    … three times
    … in theatre.

    The ONLY advantage I see of supporting this unjust hierarchy is to draw out the inner geek in everyone else and utilize the movie franchises as bait to lead them towards the gold that is the original comic. Perhaps then, change will come.

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