The Legacy of Batman

First off this started out as a response to who would win in a battle, Superman or Batman, but while writing my comment I realized I had a little bit more than I thought I had to say about Batman. So here it goes.

Alright, I will admit I don’t know too much about Superman so the following argument is going to definitely one sided. While Superman does have the qualities to beat Batman in a hypothetical fistfight I feel like I should bring up some of the outstanding qualities that Batman has. Starting with the fact that no matter what Superman would do to beat Batman, Bruce Wayne will have already figured a way out of it. While his physical capabilities may be slightly (exaggeration) below Supermans, I believe that he makes up for it in intelligence. He did after all think up, ahead of time no less, the possibility where he would be brainwashed while he was going through a simulation of death to be an almost anti-sleeper agent. After hearing a key phrase Bruce Wayne would no longer BE Batman. Yet after this happened he became an alternate version of Batman, still fighting crime. The pure limitlessness of his intelligence matched with his wealth and his character (no little crises’ of whether or not to save the world here) brings me to believe that no matter the situation Batman is placed in, he will come out the winner. For goodness sakes the man pretty much travelled through time. Reiterating, he is just a man.

That’s the amazing thing about him, while Bruce Wayne is just an (although above average) man, Batman is so much more. He is a symbol. So while perhaps in some hypothetical fight Superman could knock his teeth out, the Batman would still survive. And this has happened, friends of Batman’s have stepped up and donned the cowl when Bruce Wayne was presumed dead. The idea of Batman is much more powerful than any one man, one incredible man that is, who make this lasting and symbolic legacy.

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  1. nicolericher says:

    I have to say, even in the Batman series when they put this epic fight into animation… the Batman wins, yes… but Superman TOTALLY lets him have it. Let’s all take a moment to reflect on that amazing flash of a heartbeat and Clark Kent’s wink… excellent. That aside, I’ll continue.
    Batman will always have my vote as being way more impressive than some alien with a weakness for a rock (under-exaggeration), but when it comes down to it he’s still a Bruce Wayne in tights up against Superman. He has the brawn, agility, and for pete’s sake he can leap over tall buildings! I’m not sure how you can out-think Superman’s ability to simply evade, let alone attack, and Mr.Kent is no neanderthal. Although Bruce Wayne takes the cake for cunning and survivability of a cockroach, Superman is still an intelligent person (alien) with immense super powers that exist outside of a utility belt and a deep wallet.

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