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Working for Hire

As we have learned, the comic book industry is not the best for making money and a lot of artists and writers struggle to make their craft into a source of income. We talked about doing work-for-hire jobs where an … Continue reading

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Crazy Cat Lady

I just wanted to write about Catwoman because I think she’s a great female character and in a world saved by men, there needs to be more female role models for comic fans. We saw a glimpse of Catwoman aka. … Continue reading

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Archie and Friends?

There’s a lot of talk about comics being not just for kids anymore and Fredric Wertham’s essay is all about the idea of comics being a bad influence for youth audiences because they promote violence, sex, drugs etc…. It got … Continue reading

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The Joker, The Best

Not all of Batman’s foes are common knowledge but over the course of Batman comics, The Joker has been one of the few to survive. Everyone young and old knows of the clown-faced, maniacal sociopathic killer. The Joker is Batman’s … Continue reading

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