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Cartoon Charlie and Goofy Garfield

Charlie Brown is a well known television show which began as a comic strip known as Peanuts. The name “Peanuts” was chosen by the syndicate and the creator Charles Schulz was not content with it, he preferred the strip to … Continue reading

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There’s a Time and a Place

Many comics are based on a certain time and place which allow a setting to be established for the storyline. There is likely an interplay between text and images, therefore the characters, their clothing and surroundings are likely to represent … Continue reading

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Stolen Secrets

In the 1930’s Walt Disney took credit upon himself for creating many characters, such as Donald Duck, and recognition was taken away from his original artist Carl Barks.   Around this time in the past many artists lost ownership and credit for their works because bigger … Continue reading

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Canada’s Heroes vs. America’s Heroes

Alpha Flight is a Canadian superhero team that works for Department H in Canada’s Department of National Defence. A fictional storyline and team created by American comic book writer and artist John Byrne contains provincially based characters, each represents a part of Canada … Continue reading

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