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Fone Bone, We Love You: Jeff Smith’s Success as an Independent Publisher

It’s no secret that Bone by Jeff Smith is immensely successful. He started releasing Bone independently starting in 1991 under his own label, Cartoon Books.  Over the period of the next thirteen years, Bone would win over adult fans. With … Continue reading

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When Does a Superhero Become a Mythology?

We all know at least something about Greek myths and Norse Gods. Merriam Webster’s online dictionary conveniently defines a mythology as “a body of myths dealing with the gods, demigods, and legendary heroes of a particular people.” and myths as … Continue reading

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All Ages: Not Just for Kids Anymore!

It’s not really a secret that adults (a.k.a. kids that can now go earn their own allowances) are really getting into entertainment that was originally intended for children. Heck, our own Professor professes his love for Harry Lucey Archie comics … Continue reading

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Why the Web-Slinger?

It’s no secret that Spiderman is well, kinda big. Popular. Huge even. Last month, The Superior Spiderman issues 1 and 2 raked in a total of over 300,000 sales  (According to Let’s not even talk about the popularity of … Continue reading

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