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What Really Was the Point of Creating Darth Vader and Son? (Now Followed by Vader’s Little Princess)

To digress, the Jeffrey Brown portrayed in class was one of animosity and emotional instability, as seen throughout his autobiographical work, Unlikely. In this comic, Brown tells the story of how he lost his virginity in a diary-like fashion that … Continue reading

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Krazy Kat’s Remarkably Changing Dynamics

To be completely honest, my first real look into the world of George Herriman’s Krazy Kat came after Professor Beaty did a quick introduction during one of our classes. I immediately found the art compelling and upon greater inspection, realized … Continue reading

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Comics Without Words

What is “comicness”? Joseph Witek argued in his essay, The Arrow and the Grid, that a comic itself is an evolving set of reading protocols that when applied to text, allows for a particular work to be read as a … Continue reading

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Who Really is the Greatest Archie Artist Anyway?

The first ever artist to depict the fundamental Archie Comic characters was none other than Bob Montana, way back in late 1942. Many of the comic’s primary characters were caricatures of people Montana new from his early adolescent days. Alongside … Continue reading

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