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Freedom of Expression?

Freedom of expression is certainly a debatable topic amongst the large populations in the comic book industry today. There are often discussions about how far one can take representations of certain topics such as adult themes and social justness..   … Continue reading

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Sales of Manga Overseas

It is no doubt that manga in Japan dominates a large part of the publications released daily. There is also quite a large population group interested in manga overseas as well, but when it comes to sales, the publications of … Continue reading

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We had discussed some things about who makes the profit in the comic world industry last week which reminded me of an article I was reading about a manga artist I am quite fond of.   Let me begin by … Continue reading

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Manga’s Origin

Due to the quite recent popularity of Japanese comic books (known more conventionally as manga these days), there are people who may understand manga as a contemporary invention, though more truthfully, it has been around for several years.   The … Continue reading

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