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The High/Low Split Within Comics: An Observer’s Notes

We’ve been talking a lot in this class about comics’ place in the cultural hierarchy or the distinction between high/low culture, in which comics is most often relegated to the low end of the artistic spectrum. This is something that … Continue reading

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An Analysis of Characterization in “The Sandman: Dream Country”

I’m not all that familiar with comic books, but from picking up the few graphic novels that I have and my experiences with them, I thought I know what to expect in general. In reading Sandman, I expected to find one continuous … Continue reading

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The (Super)Hero With a Thousand Faces

Last year, I took a course that was centered around heroes and villains. In our study of heroes, we focussed largely on a text entitled The Hero With a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell. In this highly influential work, Campbell … Continue reading

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Authorship in Batman Year One

Over the past few lectures, we’ve been talking a lot about the question of authorship. It’s something really interesting to think about – who gets the credit for being the author of a comic work? It seems as though it … Continue reading

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