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Shading: Then and Now

As the numbers of different comic book genres grow, there have always been a number of techniques that comic book artists use to portray certain things on their pages.  From use of stencil tracing, free hand copying, inking to the … Continue reading

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The death of Superman: the best business move by DC

In 1992, we witness the arrival of Doomsday in the Superman franchise, and coincidentally a large rise in Superman merchandising. Why is this? Simple, Superman died. Doomsday was the first character engineered to be able to go toe to toe … Continue reading

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Aquaman and Namor: Who do we hate more?

Throughout numerous media both Aquaman and Namor has been the butt end of many ridiculous jokes. From lack of impressive powers to stereotypical hate from initial release both characters receive constant negative criticism for their ineffectiveness in any series.  There … Continue reading

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Time spent on reading a comic book page vs. level of detail and dialogue

Mainstream comics of today have grown in complexity of details in their images,compared to their dialogue.  Modern super hero comics dictate a larger component of their resources to their imagery, as compared to golden aged comics. An example of this … Continue reading

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