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4 Rebuttals to Pete Coogen

Ever since we discussed Pete Coogen’s definition of a superhero in class I have been very annoyed. Read, super annoyed. Coogen’s definition might have held true up until 1989, but the revitalization of comics during 1990’s basically killed it, and considering … Continue reading

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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and the Hybrid Identity of Comics

It was mentioned in lecture recently that comics writers, like Neil Gaiman, have striven to be self consciously literary in their comics stories. Certainly Sandman is full of literary references, but Alan Moore took this self-consciousness of trying to tie … Continue reading

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Saints of a Secular Age. Or, why Superheroes & Fandom Creep me Out

Richard Caldwell, writing on the psychoanalytic function of mythological heroes observed the following and I quote; “1) Myths allow for the expression of unconscious, usually repressed, ideas in a conventional and socially sanctioned form, 2) Myths use the emotional content … Continue reading

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Superman’s a Dick, and its Time to Call in the Boys

The panel to the left is from issue #50 of Garth Ennis’s The Boys, a series about a CIA backed team that surveys, and when needs be, takes out superheroes. Recently, Dr. Beaty’s lecture about Superman’s less than super behaviour … Continue reading

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