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The Cats of Comics

I have noticed that Cats are a prevalent main character in comic books. Examples of this include Garfield, Bucky from Get Fuzzy, and Felix the cat. I believe that cats are so commonly used in comic books because they are … Continue reading

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Noblesse is my favorite Manhwa

Noblesse is a Korean manhwa, which I have started reading recently. Of the mangas, comics, and manhwas that I have read, this is by far one of the best weekly released serials that I have ever come across. What drew … Continue reading

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Why is Captain America an Avenger?

There has probably been a lot written about The Avengers, but the question I would like to discuss is: why is Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America even a member of the avengers? Captain America was created in the … Continue reading

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Some Manga Just Never Seems to End

The best part about stories is that there is a clear beginning, middle, and end. I like having the reassurance that eventually there will be some kind of conclusion. Manga however does not seem to be concerned with story progression, … Continue reading

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