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The Universality of Fandom: The Nerd

Fanfiction is fan labour in which fans of an original work write about the characters and settings they love so much in that work. It is a fan based force, meaning all the works in fanfiction are written by fans, … Continue reading

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Prestige vs Wealth in Publishing

Publishing, I have heard, is an extremely difficult business to break into: it is difficult to get a job at a publishing firm, and exponentially harder still to start a publishing company that becomes and remains successful. No matter what … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With the … Graphic Novels!

All arts go through trends. In the late 18th century, the art movement was realism, which changed in the early 20th century cubism, a movement started by Picasso, which was on the complete opposite artistic spectrum from the realist movement, … Continue reading

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Appropriation in Comics

Appropriation is an artistic technique. Just like symmetry and caricature, appropriation is another element of art that every artist uses accidentally, and many use intentionally. Appropriation, essentially, is the borrowing of an artist’s previous work and using it as either … Continue reading

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