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Who Owns What?

One of the major topics discussed throughout this semester has been who created a respective comic. Listening to everyone’s thoughts in class, it is clearly a complicated issue, so I thought I would share my own opinion. There are so … Continue reading

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Comics on Ice

Being a sports enthusiast, I thought it would be interesting to look at the Guardian Project, created in 2010 by Stan Lee in partnership with the NHL. The basic idea behind the project was Lee developed 30 new superheroes, one … Continue reading

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Going Mad

While many of you have spoken up in class as a way to describe your passion for comics, I thought I would use this post to share where one of my interests came from. It wasn’t browsing through a local … Continue reading

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Loss of Imagination?

A few classes back, we talked about the difference between characters over time. I will admit it will be hard to find anyone in this class that will argue against superhero movies; they’re awesome. While many in this class are … Continue reading

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