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Turning Classics into Graphic Novels: Stripping or Supplementary?

We’ve talked about the importance of image-text relationship in class a couple times, and came to the conclusion that it is the way that they are combined that makes a successful comic. But what happens when a novel is turned … Continue reading

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Roy Lichtenstein: Using Comics to Fuse High and Low Art

So why was Roy Lichtenstein called “one of the worst artists in America” by a New York Times critic? Many agree with this statement, with some maintaining the more extreme opinion that he is not an artist at all. These … Continue reading

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Superheroes vs. Vigilantes

I’ve been thinking about the definition of a superhero that we discussed in class, and I feel like there’s a divide between “real-world” superheroes and more fictional ones. The real-world ones are more along the lines of a vigilante type … Continue reading

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Hogarth, Töpffer, and Political Cartoonists: They’re Not So Different

In our last class we began talking about the history of comics. I found the diverse examples of possible origins of comics very interesting, and particularly, I was intrigued by William Hogarth’s, A Harlot’s Progress. It occurred to me that … Continue reading

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