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What if Comic Books Were Always “Safe”

The idea behind this post is to think about what would happen to the comic book industry if the watchmen or Batman Year One never shook the idea that comics are not just “for kids”.  As discussed in class 1986 … Continue reading

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Out of all the villains in comic books I have to say my favorite villain is venom. Yes I know there have been multiple people wearing the venom symbiote and not all of them were villains, especially the most recent … Continue reading

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Action Speak Louder Than Words

Most comics that we know of trend to have word balloons or sections of the panel that contain text that narrates the events that are happening in them. However, sometimes an entire strip  can have absolutely no words in them … Continue reading

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colors and details

In class we have looked at different comics that cover different genres, themes, and tones. The art styles of each of these different comics attempt to match or compliment  them. I find that when the comics tone or “feel” is … Continue reading

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