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“The sun will come out tomorrow…”

The Little Orphan Annie comic strip was created by Harold Gray in 1924. The newspaper comic strips were serialized which had the readers waiting each day for progress of the story. The comic moved along at a steady pace. In … Continue reading

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“Clothes Makes the Man”, according to Disney

In the 1930’s, Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy who all were seen in an anthropomorphic style except for Pluto. What made Pluto different from the rest, why was he not able to talk, drive … Continue reading

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“Is Low Culture becoming more important than High Culture?”

We are living in a time where our society has become increasingly obsessed with celebrity gossip, “reality” TV and “reality” stars, and now comics, related to these celebrities? We are seeing this trend impose upon the comic industry. Blue Water … Continue reading

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Borrowing stories

Narrative lines are borrowed to create new ones, and also become transformed from one medium to another; for example from a novel to movie screen. When the audience shows interest in a story, often times that story will be adapted … Continue reading

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“Womp womp womp”

Charles Schultz’s Peanuts, was one of my favorite childhood comics. The Peanut comics were drawn generally in black and white or if the comics were in colour, it was done simplistically. I think Schultz took this approach because either intentionally, … Continue reading

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