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Concluding the trilogy: The Market for Digital Mobile Comics

So as promised, I will be discussing the potential market for digital comics and expansion of the comics industry into a “casual” user base. Comics are currently in trouble as a cultural medium and in order to protect the industry, … Continue reading

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Why are people such nerds?

Earlier today I was watching a YouTube video from Vsauce (featuring Michael Stevens) that sought to interpret why human beings enjoy playing games [1] and it started me thinking that perhaps people develop into nerds for similar reasons. To summarize … Continue reading

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Tablets and Future Directions in the Distribution of Comics

Previously I had discussed the interactive benefits of comics transition onto a digital medium and some excellent points were raised about features lost in the movement away from a physical medium (i.e. Watchmen – Fearful Symmetry mentioned by Courtney). Before … Continue reading

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Can Tablets Serve as the New Home of Comics in a Digital Era?

In class we discussed the potential of comics which employan infinite canvas and how it dramatically altered our perception of spatial-temporal relations in the medium. The thought of liberating comics from restraints imposed by page size (such as demonstrated in … Continue reading

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