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Why the Artist should be First!

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Stan Lee’s Spiderman, Iron Man, Fantastic Four…and Oh let’s face it the rest of the Marvel Universe. These are the names associated with great comics and yet it is the art that defines the piece, the art … Continue reading

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Content and Form and the Total Art Work

A little while ago in class we were discussing the merits of high culture versus mass culture. The discussion got me looking at the idea of how comics have been turned into high culture and whether or not comics can … Continue reading

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Comics; Recycle, Re-Create, Re-Use

Comics are a form of literature that will never die. Recently a comic came across my computer that got me thinking about how comics evolve and continue to exist. In class we looked at the blog Garfield minus Garfield, as … Continue reading

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Action! Let me Lay-it-Out for you!

After discussing the layout of a page and the emphasis that is placed on layout. I noticed that when we were looking at the division of space and how the images were presented in comics many of the comics that … Continue reading

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