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Manga vs Comics, Another Perspective

Both Japanese manga and American superhero comics uses the combination of picture and text in storytelling. Aside from the technical differences such as reading direction, use of colour, and art style, there are drastic differences in the production process of … Continue reading

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Black and White World of Manga

The use of colour in superhero comic books is no doubt an integral part of its existence. In the superhero genre, colour serves many important functions including the directly associated with characters. The superhero comic books are often bursting with colours, displaying … Continue reading

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Aquaman, not so lame anymore

It is almost common knowledge that Aquaman has always been constantly ridiculed among superhero comic readers. Many readers would mock him for his “useless” superpowers, often calling him as the “lamest” superhero from DC. But who can blame them? After … Continue reading

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Inception in Comics

In an attempt to dig deeper on the relation between word and image that help construct a comics, I came across a comic strip named “Cheap Novelties” created by an author named Ben Katchor. Katchor is most famous for his … Continue reading

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